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On average it takes 5-7 trades to get produce from the farmer to the city. This results in losses due to off and onloading, and it increases prices. Moreover, because farmers are not connected to buyers, they are very dependent on informal brokers, leading to low prices and high losses.


Taimba is a Kenyan startup sourcing produce farmers and selling directly to small vegetable shops (mama mboga’s) in Nairobi with a mobile platform. Mama Mboga’s are able to buy in the app, and get their produce delivered the next day. Taimba currently is serving 200 mama with as main crops tomatoes, onions and potatoes. The company is now in the process of scaling their crop portfolio and outreach.

2025 ambition

The dominant player in the market delivering traceable, fresh produce from smallholder farmers, realizing 20% reduction in food loss during transit and market level.