Our Strategy


Turning waste to value: Building a flourishing local fruit & vegetable chain


Stable and increased income for farmers and other actors in the value chain and increased access to affordable fresh food for consumers


Creating a professional value chain from farm to shop, profitable and sustainable for all by eliminating waste – and inefficiency – and sharing the value


Validating and integrating multiple interventions that reduce losses in one value chain. Building these interventions as third-party businesses, able to scale to other crops and regions rapidly. Sharing learnings and showcase to invite others to replicate and embed solutions.

Our Ambition

We are building a showcase 0% food loss chain to increase food security and farmer income.

Our role

We believe it takes a market-led value chain approach to work towards a new normal. Looking at the current gaps in the chain we build ventures to integrate the solutions that are missing. Adding innovation and intelligence to the current smallholder chains.

As a venture building studio we are a serial entrepreneur. We initiate and build social start-ups locally. With a FoodFlow venture builder and an entrepreneur, of the venture to be, working as cofounders.

We share our work and learnings as much as possible, to facilitate the entry of other market players to speed up the development of local food systems in East Africa.

Our Theory of Change

Our Ventures

These are the first 4 interventions we are building in the chain of mangos, avocados & french beans