Market Linkage


Over 75% of Kenyans rely on agriculture to make a living – most of these are smallholder farmers, who cultivate small parcels of land and are unsupported in production, isolated from markets. In addition, the high cost of logistics and inputs means that the price that the farmers receive from sales often equals, or is less than, their cost of production. In short, farmers are trapped in a cycle of poverty due to a lack of fair markets.


We are developing an online market linkage platform on which orders of wholesale buyers are fulfilled by groups of smallholder farmers. This shortens the chain, facilitates communication between farmers and buyers, increases transparency for both farmer and buyer, and makes it efficient for buyers to source from smallholders. By creating fair markets, farmers are able to command better sales terms, while reducing their transaction costs, resulting in income levels that are sustainable

2025 ambition

The establishment of Kenya’s first tech-led market place for small holder farmers, ensuring up to a 50% increase in income, and reducing food loss at the farm by 20%. In 2025 the business will be scaling to 3 other countries in East Africa.


Produce moved (Kg)
< 1 %
Average food loss
Farmers served
0 %
Income increase