The Issue

To keep feeding a growing global population – not only will food volume need to increase enormously, but we will also need to halt the degradation of land and ensure that farms can keep producing sustainably.

Regenerative agriculture is gaining momentum as a viable solution for improving soil health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing crop yields. However, the transition to regenerative practices can be challenging for smallholder farmers who lack access to resources and markets.

Get grounded in the facts- download our landscape study to discover the core issues faced by smallholder farmers, the urgent need for more sustainable practices, and how Enviu is working towards building a climate-resilient and flourishing food system.

Looking at the 'bigger picture' to solving Kenya's food system inefficiencies by reducing food loss, and enabling smallholder farmers to become more climate resilient.

A holistic approach is needed to tackle the unsustainability of East Afrca's food system

  1. Lack of professional farming practices
  2. Long trading chain with many small players

  3. Aggregation and sales process take long without cold storage

  4. No market- and information link between farmers and buyers
  5. No suitable transport practices