Efficient Transport


Aggregation of produce of multiple smallholder farmers to be able to fill one truck for a buyer is long and costly. There is no supply and demand information available, which results in mismatches between farmer and buyer, resulting in empty trucks of buyers and oversupply/losses at the farm. Current packaging practices increase the losses. And, on top of that, produce needs to be off- and onloaded on different means of transport along the chain causing additional damage.


What could be catalytic to the professionalisation of value chains is a business that provides other businesses with an efficient transport service. This enables all businesses to focus on their core. The concept developed will be one that deploys sustainable trucks, with good crop packaging and with an informed routing system. 

2025 ambition

Be the dominant third-party logistics provider for fresh foods in Kenya, cutting CO2 emissions of current food transport by 20% and reducing food losses during transit by 25%.