About us

  1. We love building businesses. We believe the only way to build impact is through sustainable business models.
  2. Everything we do is market-led. All our solutions are built around what the market demands, which increases value for all in the value chain.
  3. We build the solutions needed to change a system. We start with a root cause analysis of the system and from there build solutions on the key leverage points.
  4. We are making technology work. There is many relevant technology in the market; the key is in innovative business modeling to make it accessible.

FoodFlow is a program by Enviu. Enviu builds world changing companies. It has the expertise, methodology and capacity to ideate, develop and grow social ventures to a commercially viable scale. The mission: an economy that serves people and planet. Enviu is headquartered in the Netherlands and has teams on the ground in Kenya, India, Chile and Indonesia. Since 2004 16 social ventures have been built.

Our Team

Fennie Lansbergen

Regenerative Farming Lead

Paul vd Linden

FoodFlow Lead

Denis Karema

Venture Builder

Arpana Philip

Venture Builder

Malele Ngalu

Venture Builder